About us

Our building at  2716 Mechanics Ave., Savannah, GA 31404 was dedicated in 1902 as the Union Church of Thunderbolt.

Photo taken in about 1945

It housed several different area denominations on different days of the week until about 1925, then it fell into disrepair (there wasn’t even a Lutheran Church in Thunderbolt during that time period).

We, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, formed and purchased it in 1930, fixed it up, and worshipped there for 32 years. Then, in 1962 we stopped using the building and started to worship in our “new” sanctuary, next door during the baby boom.  This old building sat mostly unused (except for garage and estate sales, and AA meetings). They lowered the ceiling, using 2x4s and ceiling tiles.  Some windows were boarded up. The roof leaked and it rotted a large portion of the ceiling and even numerous areas of the floor.

In 2008 we started fixing up this jem of a building, in hopes to worship here and to have weddings.  In the summer of 2009 the congregation sold the 1962 building and started worshipping in this building once again.  We worshipped and we restored from July to February 2010.

July 2008

We are very proud that we are the only Wedding Chapel in the Savannah area that has an active congregation!  There are other wedding places in Savannah, but none are affiliated with any church body.  Part of our ministry, in telling the story of Jesus, is to have elopements and weddings in our newly restored 1902 Chapel. We think it is important to give everyone the opportunity to get married in a church rather than in just a building that may look like a church.

We have worship every Sunday at 11AM!

You can contact us thru emailing the 1902 Savannah Wedding Chapel by linking to Rev. Schulte‘s site.  The email address is StLukesSav@icloud.com

You can also call 912.354.6815.

We can tell you when the chapel is available, what the costs are, and all the details.  And we’ll be able to send you a contract.

As of 2012 this is what we look like:

As of 2012


3 responses to “About us

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  2. Gina Miler

    I would like to know if the church is available Saturday, October 1, 2014. I’d also like to know the guidelines and restrictions for the ceremony. Oh, and of course the cost! Lol

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