And we have weddings!!…

We have two weddings today and we had one last weekend, one the weekend before and one next weekend!  Still waiting on photos from the photographers, however, I took some photos/video of the small wedding last weekend,  Here they are.  The pianist is Gabriel Lawrence, very talented young man.  Who doesn’t need the music in front of him to play beautifully.

It is difficult to be the photographer and minister at the same time. Notice there is none during the ceremony???

Here is a video I took using my phone of Gabriel Lawrence playing prior to the ceremony.

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The last bit of the restoration is finished

Here are photos I took over the weekend of our space!  I think it is awesome!


Looking through the front doors!



The windows have awesome reflections off of the brand new Grand Piano.



Pews are repainted. Floors are done!


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We are ready for weddings!!!

It is official, we are ready for your wedding!!

Elope To Savannah

This is a photo of one of our elopements, just as we were finishing up the outside of the chapel. There is only one professional photo in the photos below.

The charming chapel is full of surprises!  Not only are the stained glass windows awesome, but notice that in the late afternoon/early evening the colors are reflected on the wall, and in the following photo, you’ll see the colors reflected on the floor..

Elope To Savannah

And imagine a ceremony right near sunset. Your guests arrive and are seated and see the beautiful colors.  Once they leave your wonderful ceremony, they are treated to seeing the same beautiful colors on the outside, this time the inside light is reflected outdoors, just as the day light is reflected indoors!

The colors in this next photo shows, once again, the afternoon light shining through these windows, which are over 100 years old. The same windows which were there before our grandparents were born, and maybe our great grandparents!

Eloped To Savannah

If you are wanting an historic church here in Savannah, one that has some upgrades, such as new HVAC and indoor plumbing, contact us for yourwedding!!

Photo by Donna Von Bruening

The inside during our worship service in the season of Lent (notice the purple altar cloth). It is normally white for weddings. This specific picture was taken during the children's message/sermon time.

Oh yes, once last note: the setting the photographer uses, will show more or less light in the chapel, one allows for more color in the windows, the other allows more light inside the chapel  Neither of them have a flash.

Blessings to you!

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Most recent pictures!! Front is completed, except changing front door color to red.

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I’m so excited…

… that our worship space is nearly finished!!

In many ways it is finished.  The largest hurdle we’ve had to overcome in recent weeks was passing the final inspection. Yet we passed it on 2.12.10 (the general contractor didn’t let me know for four days).

Photo taken 2.17.10

So what is left for us to do in order to have worship and weddings in our space?  For worship services, nothing.  We have been worshipping there since September. For weddings, we’ve had a some elopements over the months, but no full blown wedding.

Of the last four items, one is nearly completed: pews. Long story about pews for the church.  But to shorten the story we only have three of those left (and they are uncofortbal!) I’ve been looking for months on craigslist and other places for pews.  We were willing to drive a long way to get “the right pews.”  On Thursday, while looking on the local craigslists, I found 8 pews and thought they were  the right ones.  However, once arriving and sitting on them, they were so uncomfortable that there was no way we could get them.  So, the antique dealer showed us two different pews.  One he wouldn’t sell (they were curved). the other one he would sell.  They need a little work.  But the most important part is they are comfortable!!  They really were, and they weren’t padded.

Photo taken 2.17.10, check out the window colors on the floor. Photo taken in the late afternoon.

Those 8 (with option of 4 more) are being delivered on Wednesday!!!  I’m so excited about the pews, yet I forgot to get a picture of them with my phone (oh well.).

So what are the other three items? The outside needs to be painted.  The floors need to be redone. And we need to do some minor landscaping.  That’s it!!

Hopefully, we’ll be finished with these minor items by Spring!!


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Nearly Complete!!!

It’s about time!!  We’ve been working on our facility for over a year and a half.  But we didn’t start working on it full time until this past September (actually July, but we had a 2 month delay).

July 2007 photo.

So what is left?  We need to get the Certificate of Occupancy.  And we need to paint the outside (at least the front portion) and we need to landscape.  That’s it!!  Yeah!

You can see it at our Facebook site (become a fan!!) and see even more details and comments.

Now we need to set a date for dedication and open house for the local community and the wedding community! Any suggestions on dates?

Photo taken in Dec. 09. Nearly completed. Notice clear windows on both left and right side. Now it's completed!

One of the great advantages that we have is that we now have restrooms!!!  Not only that, but a kitchen (and sink) as well!!  We also have a handicap ramp.

Come check us out!


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Help support the survivors of Haiti

Please copy and paste this into an email, then forward it with your name on the list. Once it gets to 100 people, will the 100th person email it to to have it distributed to numerous people and organizations of Haiti.

Dear people of Haiti,

We are terribly saddened to hear of the horrific damage that the earthquake has caused.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We are encouraging our local community and our government to send help through people and supplies.


A collaborative effort of the people of

Savannah Wedding Professionals and St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Savannah

Please add your name to the list below.

  1. Donna Von Bruening. Savannah, GA
  2. Rev. Steve Schulte, Savannah, GA.
  3. Chad Baker, Savannah, GA

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